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The science of sleep medicine is just a phone call away.  Sleep apnea is a booming industry, new treatments and alternatives are available. Sleep Apnea affects nearly 10%  to 20% of all Americans and is often  undiagnosed in most cases . Left untreated it can lead to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure heart attacks and strokes. Sleep apnea used to be seen as just a snoring problem but in the past decade it has become a clear life threatening disease. Sleep apnea left untreated can take years off your life, sleep apnea is generally caused by an obstruction in your upper airway, muscle weakness around the throat.  Being over weight can also add fat around your airway.

 When you experience an episode your body wakes up and immediately goes into fight or flight response causing your heart rate blood pressure to climb. Until recent years the form of treatment was to wear a CPAP device. Although this method is very reliable it is considered to be undesirable to most. The machine  is noisy, clumsy and the hose that connects to the face mask makes it hard to sleep.

 We have an alternative to the CPAP machine it is a oral sleep appliance that is custom-fit,  this device works by  moving the lower jaw slightly forward. This forward movement keeps the airway open, preventing apneas. Please contact the office today and let us make a complimentary sleep evaluation.



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